Mark Hinton 1-2-18 Weekly Radio Address Podcast

Mark Hinton 1-2-18 Weekly Radio Address Podcast

Mark Hinton, Democratic Candidate for Indiana House District 39, with his 1-2-18 weekly radio address podcast:


My name is Mark Hinton and I am a Democratic candidate for Indiana House District 39 out of Carmel. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I wish all of you best wishes for this new year.

Of course holidays are all about spending time with friends and families and it gave me an opportunity to reflect upon my own family and how they shape who I am, and the perspective that I bring to government.

The most important role that I play is that of father to my 14 year old daughter. Her future is one of the main reasons that I am seeking office.

My paternal grandfather was a World War 2 veteran. After he got out of the service…..he became a Baptist minister and pastored several churches in Central Indiana. In fact, my parents met at one of the churches he pastored.

My grandfather on my mother’s side, was a farmer and also worked at a car dealership. He grew up during the depression and as a boy had polio. In fact, he missed an entire year of school because he was sick. When he was in high school…..his father left the family…..and he went to work wherever he could, to help support his 3 younger brothers and sisters, and his mother. I think the thing that I remember the most about him, is that he always found such joy in the little things in life. Going out to eat was a big deal to him. Simple things like buying the Sunday paper was a real joy. Of course, family meant everything to him. I think all of this was shaped because he grew up in such hard times…..and he never really forgot it.

My father was a engineer at Cummins Engine company. He started on the assembly line…..and then went to college at night to get his college degree, and further his career. He went to school after he had started his family, and I remember the hardships he went through to further his career. He was gone most nights……but everything worked out and observing his dedication and struggle is something that has stayed with me throughout my life.

My mother started out as a high school music and spanish teacher. She also furthered he education at night and got her masters degree and her specialist certification and became a guidance counselor. I remember as a young boy her going several nights a week to IU in Bloomington to further her education. I sort of grew up around public schools. I went to her office every day after school and I saw firsthand all of the work that goes on outside of the school day. I remember staying after school for meetings and seeing her go to school at night for extra events that she was in charge of coordinating like career nights/college nights and graduation. So I know firsthand the dedication that teachers and administrators have towards the education of our children. This is why I believe we should always allow them to help shape the future of education.

My family has helped shape who I am today. Their experiences have given me insight that helps me understand the needs of our citizens.

Thank you for listening. I encourage you to check my campaign out at

Read about my visions, and most importantly reach out and tell me what is important to you. I also humbly ask you to consider contributing to our campaign. Together we can shape a bright future for all Hoosiers.

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