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Two Trains Derail In India, Killing At Least 24; Floodwaters Blamed

By Bill Chappell More than 300 people survived, according to local media reports. Just minutes before the crashes, another train had passed safely over the same area. » E-Mail This

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YC’s BlueCrew Provides Workers For The On-Demand World (But Hires Them As Employees With Benefits)

By Kim-Mai Cutler The Damocles sword hanging above the emerging on-demand economy is how to classify workers, and whether the dichotomy between permanent W2 workers and 1099 contractors is even

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Obama To Detail Tougher Plan To Fight Climate Change

President Obama will unveil climate change regulations Monday, expected to set tougher limits on coal than previously proposed. NPR’s Scott Horsley previews the announcement with host Rachel Martin. » E-Mail