Charlie White Show Podcast 2/8/16

Charlie White Show Podcast 2/8/16

The question is whether Governor Mike Pence and his close advisors are naive enough to pick Eric Holcomb, a failed candidate for the United States Senate and a glorified “messenger boy” for the former Godfather Governor Mitch Daniels, as his Lt. Governor?  One would think there are a lot more qualified people, who have actually been elected to public office, to become Governor Pence’s “wing-man”. Park Tudor High School enters into a confidentiality agreement with their former boys’ basketball coach, Kyle Cox, to allow him to go to another high school after he was caught sexting with an underage female student.  Park Tudor’s attorney (not Kyle Cox’ attorney), Michael Blickman of Ice Miller, kept nude pictures of the 15 year old girl claiming “privilege”.  DCS dragged their feet on taking immediate action.


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