Indiana Democratic Party 1-12-19 Weekly Radio Address Podcast

Indiana Democratic Party 1-12-19 Weekly Radio Address Podcast

Chairman John Zody and the 1-12-19 Indiana Democratic Party Weekly Radio Address Podcast:


This is Chairman John Zody brining you the weekly podcast for the Indiana Democratic Party live from our first training of the year, where more than 150 prospective municipal candidates and staff have come to Indianapolis on a snowy Saturday to learn more about running for office.

Earlier this week, Hoosier Democrats joined Indiana Forward – a group advocating for a hate crimes law in Indiana. The Democratic caucuses for the Indiana Senate and Indiana House have long pushed for a bias crimes law. And they are not alone.

Two-thirds of Hoosiers support it. A majority of Republicans support it. Literally the only people that don’t support outlawing hate crimes in Indiana are Republican state lawmakers.

This is why Hoosiers don’t trust state government. This is a straightforward proposal to protect Hoosiers equally under the law and to send a message that hate crimes aren’t tolerated here.

We saw a recent act of hate in Carmel, when a synagogue was vandalized with Anti-Semitic symbols. Hoosiers in the community were outraged to the vandalism but also news outlets and legislators highlighted that Indiana is one among five states without a hate crimes law.

Why are we trailing 46 other states to have this legislation? Ultimately, it’s Republican legislators, behind closed doors, who sink these bills every year. It’s not right.

Every Hoosier deserves to feel safe and protected under Indiana law. Missing the mark on an opportunity to show the world hate is not welcomed in our state only further fuels these criminal intimidators.

In one of the most divisive chapters in America’s history, I couldn’t think of a better issue for state lawmakers to rally around than denouncing hate. It’s very simple. No matter who you are, how you worship, or how you look or whoyou love – you should feel safe in your community. That is a value Hoosier Democrats have fought for tirelessly in the past and we will continue fighting until it’s done.

Our municipal candidate training today will help us pass on the torch to the next generation of Hoosier Democrats to advocate for a hate crimes law and more. We’ll need your help very soon as we prepare for the Primary election in May. Go to to keep up with opportunities to get involved.

Also, please follow the IDP on Facebook and Twitter. Simply search INDems – that’s I-N-D-E-M-S on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us to get the latest news about our candidates and what we’re doing to hold our counterparts at the Statehouse and in Washington accountable.

Thank you for listening.

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