Indiana Democratic Party 2-23-19 Weekly Radio Address

Indiana Democratic Party 2-23-19 Weekly Radio Address

Chairman John Zody gives his Weekly Radio Address:



This is Chairman John Zody, bringing you the weekly podcast for the Indiana Democratic Party.

This week, Senate Democrats reached across the aisle to try to pass a comprehensive hate crimes bill. Hoosier Democrats are ready to see Indiana join the 45 other states with this law on the books.

For political reasons, GOP lawmakers once again stood in the way of progress, despite 55% of Republican voters being in support of a hate crimes law. And while Governor Holcomb says he supports an inclusive bill, where was he? Why could he only muster seven Republican votes for an inclusive bill – in a State Senate where he has 40 Republican Senators?

While a so-called “hate crimes” bill did pass the Senate – Republicans tossed out a key aspect of Senate Bill 12 thatincluded a specific list of characteristics protected in the bill – which is the teeth to any hate crimes bill.

Denying the value of listing specific protections for Hoosiers based on race and ethnicity, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation is hurtful to the communities in our state that live with fears of being victimized by a hate crime.

The FBI reported a rise of 17% in reported hate crimes just last year. We saw a Carmel Synagogue vandalized with Anti-Semitic symbols, and just last week, here in Indiana, a man was shot in what many are calling a hate crime. These tragic events are real and we must acknowledge them and work to prevent them from happening – and a comprehensive hate crimes law is the first step to doing so.

I know Hoosiers are counting on elected leaders to get it passed this year. We may have lost this battle in the first half of the legislative session, but our fight is for the long haul. When we get more and more Hoosiers to pressure or vote out the rigid GOP super majority, we will be able to get a hate crimes law on the books and so much more. And Indiana Democrats won’t stop fighting until every Hoosier feels safe, secure and protected EQUALLY under Indiana law.

I’m optimistic this will happen in our state. We just need everyone to help us get there, including you. You can get involved with the Party at

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Thank you for listening.


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