Indiana Democratic Party 3-16-19 Weekly Radio Address Podcast

Indiana Democratic Party 3-16-19 Weekly Radio Address Podcast

Chair John Zody offers the Indiana Democratic Party 3-16-19 Weekly Radio Address Podcast.



his is Chairman John Zody, bringing you the weekly podcast for the Indiana Democratic Party.

This week, Hoosiers mourned the loss of civil rights and equality champion, former U.S. Senator Birch Bayh.

Birch Bayh was driven by a belief in what we could accomplish given equal opportunity. That simple truth belies towering accomplishments.

His work in the Senate was to ensure the rights and freedoms for all Americans. At a critical time in our nation’s history, Bayh championed women’s rights and condemned discrimination so much so that he authored Title IX to federally mandate that public education and federally funded universities could not discriminate based on gender.

His vision gave opportunities for women and young women and is a legacy for gender equality that has impacted the lives of millions.

Additionally, in response to growing pressure from the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War – he pushed for the Constitution to be amended to allow 18 yearolds to also have the right to vote.

Our democracy has been better impacted with the voice of young people participating. We have seen today the power of young people especially on pushing for legislation on gun reform, criminal justice reform, and climate change, and many other issues. Bayh’s legacy gave them a seat at the table and generations a voice they could use sooner and more powerfully than even our Founding Fathers had imagined.

His second Constitutional amendment allowed Congress the power to replace a President or Vice President if they were incapable of fulfilling their duties. This critical protection ensures the strength of our nation to continue onward.

His legacy endures every day on college campuses. It endures in the form of equal opportunity, the right to vote and that all Americans deserve justice. Birch Bayh was a champion of Democratic values and was, in every way, a Hoosier. If you had the privilege of spending time with him when he was out helping Democratic candidates here in Indiana, he was always happy to share a story about his time in office.

The Bayh family has been a model in our state for decades and we, as Hoosier Democrats, send our condolences to his family. His public service is an example to all of us, and we will miss him very much.

Birch Bayh’s work in Indiana is one that reminds us all of what we can do when we work together. I’m optimistic of what can happen in our state. We just need everyone to help us get there, including you. You can get involved with the Party at

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Thank you for listening.

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